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Strategic Branding    Website Design


Insights – Actions – Results is what drives our marketing strategy.  It makes our marketing efforts efficient and effective.  Clients can chose one or all three strategic steps below depending on their needs. 


Website design and social media connections are also what we do for entrepreneurs, start up type companies or those that are looking for a complete overhaul and refresh.  We love producing something that can really show off the great work our clients are doing. For more information on our website packages click here

Step 1. Understand the Landscape


Insights driven marketing 

  • Industry and Trend Analysis -to discover new ideas our clients can utilize to best reach consumers.

  • Competitive Analysis - understanding the local competition helps us better understand our own clients' unique selling proposition.

  • Marketing Research - to collect customer feedback and discover target market needs as well as areas of opportunity. 

  • These combined answers or "insights" help create more effective marketing - clients can spend more efficiently when they can target the right audience that's more likely to buy their product.


Step 2.  Program Implementation  

Tactical Action, Testing and Recommendations

  • Once we understand the target market, we test market a few ideas to see what sticks. This helps reduce risk while we understand which program generates the most business. 

  • Other operational opportunities are often discovered from the research as well. These operational efficiencies can be adopted immediately to increase productivity.

  • Marketing and communication programs can also be created during this stage that specifically aim at reaching consumers and growing sales.


Step 3. Strategic Planning
If a robust annual marketing plan is needed, all elements are included
  • After understanding consumer needs and testing within the market, a refined marketing strategy comes together. 

  • BtoB, BtoC and/or internal communication plans are incorporated into the strategy that address both internal and external branding.

  • This portion includes a budget and a comprehensive plan that speaks to goals, objectives, strategies and tactics.


Brand Strategy

Flexible Pricing:


Are you an entrepreneur that occasionally needs marketing help here and there? Sign up for a subscription based pay as you go marketing package. Payments are made monthly and you can cancel at any time.


Marketing sessions can be conducted over the phone or Skype for your convenience! 


Monthly subscription

  • Two 45 min sessions @ $247

  • Four 45 min sessions @ $447

  • Six 45 min sessions   @ $647


VIP online self study NOW only $1199!! 

  • 7 Step Branding Blueprint for a Successful Brand

  • 6-week online course 

  • Includes a 1 hour lazer coaching session mid-way through the program 


Corporate pricing ($8MM+ business)

  • Scope of work is developed and projects are priced on a customized basis. 

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